Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How does TradeUp Solutions work?
  • Find your device by navigating from our main page. If you cannot locate your specific device, we unfotunatly will not accept it.
    After finding your device give us some details about it. We ask things like what carrier the device is on, the storage size, what color it is, and what sort of condition it is in.
    Once you get your price and complete your transaction you will want to remove any security features (like find my iphone), and wipe the date.
    Then you ship your device to us using the provided pre-paid UPS label. When we get your device we will inspect it and pay you quickly.

  • Q: How do I turn off Find My iPhone
  • You can turn off Find My iPhone on your phone by going to Settings > iCloud, then tap to turn off Find My iPhone.
    You should also remove your phone from your iCloud account, instructions can be found here. Going to Settings on
    Leaving "Find My iPhone" or the "Activation Lock" turned on will void your trade!

  • Q: Why should I use you instead of selling my device myself?
  • Selling electronics to buyers found online (Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace) can be dangrous. You have no idea who you are meeting. You need to ask yourself if that is a risk you are willing to take.
    Using online marketplaces (eBay or Amazon) to sell your device can be a hassle. Do you have time to answer a bunch of questions about what your are selling, entertain low ball offers, and deal with returns?

  • Q: Who are you guys, and why should I trust you?
  • We are a small group of people with years of experiance in this industry working for other companies doing similar things. We wanted to focus on the core of getting people the most value for their devices.
    The way we see it, your trust is earned. We hope that you will see value in the prices we offer for your device and give us a shot. It is really no different than ordering something on a website you have not used before.